The value of digital technology in occlusal analysis

02 September 2020
3 min read

Ashish B. Parmar is among the many clinicians taking advantage of the T-Scan to enhance the cosmetic and restorative treatment process at his practice.

“I was introduced to the technology when I was learning from the best teachers of occlusion in America,” he says. “I saw how easy it was to use and found out how it would benefit my practice, increasing my understanding of the T-Scan as one of the best occlusion analysis systems in the world.

“One of the main benefits of the T-Scan is that it is a visual dental tool. It enables you to scan patients’ occlusion, which can be viewed very clearly and easily onscreen. You can then use these images to effectively communicate with patients about their occlusal condition.

“Most dentists use articulating paper to measure occlusion, but the bite marks that are left on the paper can be wiped off. If something goes wrong later on, there’s no accurate record to demonstrate that you provided the right treatment to the patient. Therefore, the T-Scan can support you from a dento-legal perspective, as patients’ occlusal records are stored directly on your computer.

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