Time-saving temporary crowns

19 August 2020
1 min read

The Protemp Crown combines the advantages of composite-based chemical-cured temporisation (custom fit and aesthetics) with the advantages of full coverage prefabricated crowns (fast, easy, no matrix and no mess). It is a preformed malleable composite-based crown that can deliver a custom fit for your patients in less than four minutes. This revolutionary new method for single-unit temporisation is simple to use while resulting in significant fabrication time savings, custom fit and tooth-coloured aesthetics.

Temporary crown and bridge restorations are essential interim solutions that stabilise and protect tooth structure during the time between final impressions and final laboratory-fabricated crown or bridge restoration. “Temporary” and “provisional” are terms that are synonymous in dentistry. The temporary restoration must protect the tooth structure from the rigours of the oral environment and therefore demands the highest quality of materials.

Crown and bridge restorations require several distinct treatment phases for completion. A temporary restoration is needed during the interim phase. Dental professionals must maintain function with a temporary restoration. In addition to stabilising and protecting the existing tooth structure, materials are expected to be tough (fracture resistant and flexible), retain a natural looking appearance and maintain space and longevity. The rapid evolution of aesthetic restorative materials – such as composites and ceramics – has been accompanied by improvements of temporary materials. Currently, a large number of temporary materials are available for the effective restoration of prepared teeth.

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