Todays Dental announces acquisition of Simplyhealth Partnerships Ltd

21 April 2022
1 min read

Todays Dental are pleased to announce the acquisition of Simplyhealth Partnerships Ltd on Thursday April 14. The business holds interests in eight dental practices.

Todays Dental has an experienced leadership team and a strong commitment to building and supporting successful Dental practices.  It has an authentic partnering approach that is people-focused and were, therefore, a natural choice for Simplyhealth. 

The founders of Todays Dental, Rob Paxman, Khalid Hussain and Jason Bedford explain that their vision is to develop a national group of local businesses, with teams who are supported and enabled to make autonomous decisions, delivered through a leadership approach which is ‘deeply human’.

Rob Paxman, CEO, said “Our vision is to evolve a dental group which is truly people-focused. Our support team will provide the resources and expertise to enable dental teams to focus upon patients, making the best decisions for their practice at a local level.  Our leadership approach is to collaborate and evolve together. We will measure our success through the happiness of our people, as well as the profits we create.”

The highly experienced senior leadership team includes Steve Williams, acquisitions director, Sharon Ormston, finance director and Lisa McKinnon, operations director. The commitment to developing a deeply human organisation is supported by the engagement of Lyn Paxman, Evolveyou Dental, who will provide consultancy support in developing a culture which reflects the intention of the vision as the group grows.