Training staff

09 May 2011
2 min read
Volume 27 · Issue 5

Preventing the spread of harmful pathogens is important if your practice is going to maintain the high standards of health and safety needed to protect patients and staff. To this end, you need to train all members of the dental team in the correct procedures of surgery hygiene.

All members of the practice should be made aware of the types of diseases that could be contracted. This training needs to involve detailed information on: MRSA, Hepatitis C, Tuberculosis , C diff, variant CJD.

The safety of surgery staff should be of paramount importance and the most effective training will stress that all staff should be immunised, with records kept of every vaccine.

Once aware of these harmful diseases, you and your staff can begin to eradicate them from all surfaces and equipment in the surgery. This involves using effective products in removing bacteria and through using the most efficient methods to sterilise your clinical environment.

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