Training Triumph

23 July 2018
1 min read

If you’ve ever bought a dental chair, you’ll know that there are a wide range of makes and models to choose from in the UK. Each manufacturer boasts a plethora of different features and benefits that their chair is capable of. While this diversity gives dentists a broad choice, it can be challenging for dental equipment repair technicians. If each brand of chair works in a slightly different way, with different technology, materials and systems, it can be quite a task to learn how to properly service them all.

That’s why A-dec run regular courses for their dealer technicians, so they can get to know  chairs inside and out. This month they’ve welcomed almost 30 technicians from more than 10 different dealerships across the UK into their courses, helping them to gain a better knowledge of their current and legacy chair ranges. A-dec trainers discuss everything from circuit boards to pneumatic systems, run hands-on problem-solving exercises on real A-dec equipment, and are constantly on-hand to answer any questions.

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