UK dentistry’s top 10 dental Instagram stars go live in NHS fundraiser

28 April 2020
1 min read

Billed the IGX All-star Live, the charity event is taking place at 7.30pm on Friday 8 May.

It has been organised by marketing expert Shaz Memon, of Digimax, in support of the frontline NHS workers battling COVID-19.

Instagram has fast become the go-to platform for dental professionals seeking to raise their professional profile and engage with patients.

Key dental influencers who will share the secrets of their success in this live Instagram event – Instagram Strategies for Growth | Engagement | Success – are:

Each one has notched up thousands of followers.

Shaz Memon said: ‘This lockdown is the perfect time for dentists to upskill their marketing strategies. Smartphone screen time is up by almost 50% and people are listening acutely, so there is no better time to be actively communicating with your audience and building your brand.

‘Some brands have exercised a “radio silence” approach during this pandemic, which means consumers are shifting their loyalties to those who are speaking to them. My ‘managing toothache at home’ social media post templates were a great success and we had more than 12,000 downloads. with many dentists telling me these were being forwarded to followers who were not yet patients, too. Active, relevant and sensitive posting will help build awareness so you can come out stronger when we get back to the “new normal”.’

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