UK public among the most interested teeth whitening

12 May 2021
1 min read

We’ve all been exposed to society’s changing beauty standards, but one simple yet effective way of boosting self-esteem is with a bright smile.

Intrigued in finding out who is most interested in having a Hollywood smile, utilised online analytics tool Ahrefs to discover which countries in the world are most interested in teeth whitening. 

The top five countries wanting a brighter smile

Rank Country Translated language Translated term Yearly average search results
1 USA English Teeth whitening 960,000
2 UK English Teeth whitening 576,000
3 Turkey Turkish Diş beyazlatma 396,000
4 France French Blanchiment dentaire 276,000
5 Poland Polish Wybielanie zębów 204,000

Home to Hollywood and the leading country most interested in teeth whitening is the USA. Every year, there are 960,000 online searches – the equivalent of 2,630 searches a day!

Following in second is the UK with 576,000 online searches annually for “teeth whitening” alone. As 48 per cent of British citizens plan to receive cosmetic dental work and’s research indicating that the top asked question regarding UK citizens is “why do British people have bad teeth?”, it’s obvious why the UK achieves second place.

The third country most concerned with teeth whitening is Turkey, with 396,000 online searches yearly. Turkey is a major player in the cosmetic service and surgery market so it’s no surprise its residents want to attain bright teeth like their tourist counterparts.

The countries most content with their smiles

Rank Country Translated language Translated term Yearly average search results
46 Lithuania Lithuanian Dantų balinimas 3,000
47 Georgia Georgian კბილების გათეთრება 3,000
48 Malta English Teeth whitening 1,800
50 Iceland Icelandic Tannhvíttun 1,800

The countries most content with their teeth and smile are Iceland and Malta. These countries only search online for “teeth whitening” 1,800 per year – so almost five times per day.

In joint second place are Georgia and Lithuania with 3,000 annual online searches each.


  1. compiled a list of global countries to analyse and then translated the term for “teeth whitening” in each country’s respective language using a reliable translating tool.
  2. partnered with Ahrefs to discover each country’s monthly results using the respective translation term.
  3. Results were then multiplied to retrieve an average annual figure and the top 50 countries were subsequently ranked.
  4. All data was collected at the end of April 2021 and is correct as of then.