Understanding delegation

01 February 2018

I have just moved into my new abode, and the 21 days of packed old house and five days of sleeping on the floor in the new place now seem a distant memory. Of course I am still working my way through boxes, that is a job that will probably run on for a number of weeks.

When unpacking it has been interesting to note what I wanted to find first, needless to say, the egg pan was high priority! I then had to find all the walking gear as we were heading off to the coast for a few days. It made me realise the benefit of having had good packers. Every box was labelled and as long as I could remember where they had been stored in the old house I could locate things fairly quickly. I suppose it’s a bit like practices that have every surgery set up exactly the same so that you can swap between them with minimal disruption to clinician or nurse. Most of us are creatures of habit and reach for instruments without thinking about it. Being left handed, in the days when units weren’t so flexible, you had to learn to adapt. I remember having to work hard to learn to use a slow speed right handed but then got to a point when I realised I was using the high speed right handed without even thinking. How hard do you have to think to actually write down the order you pick up what you need for each procedure?

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