United Kingdom ranked third in the G7 for dental costs

25 March 2024

A survey by Healthnews has evaluated which countries in the G7 have the highest dental costs. In the UK, they found an “average price of $331 for dental procedures”.

The prices were based on reviews of “an average of 50 information sources per country”, and the costs were converted to dollars for standardisation.

The US was ranked the most expensive country, with an average price of $518. The cheapest of all seven countries was Italy, which had an average of $173.

The United Kingdom was ranked third. The results also calculated the average price of five common treatments. For the UK, the data reads as follows:

  • Cleaning $92
  • Crowns $627
  • Root canals $482
  • Tooth extractions $238
  • Fillings $215

The authors noted that there were significant differences across all the countries in the G7 dependent upon “the diversity in healthcare systems and the extent of government involvement”.