United we stand…

05 February 2021

Catherine Rutland discusses the importance of professional unity during this difficult period.

I actually can’t believe we have been in this pandemic for almost a year now. In some ways it has gone really quickly, in other ways it has been a long 12 months.

Whilst there have been the obvious professional changes in that time – closure or near closure of practices, the new ways of working to satisfy guidelines in each different jurisdiction – there have also been other changes.

The profession has always contained a variety of views on many aspects of dentistry. However, not for many years has there been so much discussion around those differing views, whether they were on opening or not, PPE, mask types, or your preferred payment type. These discussions have united the profession as well as highlighted some rifts.

Different groups and bodies have championed different causes, from access to care for patients to financial stability for the profession. Social media has given opportunity for views and thoughts to be shared more easily. The differences between private and NHS have been highlighted more than in a normal year, and discussions around contract changes have continued.

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