Upgrade your endo for superior patient comfort

01 November 2022

HySolate Latex Dams are low protein, powder-free dental dams, and newly launched by leading dental manufacturer Coltene.

Replacing all powdered latex dams, this is a move towards healthier endo, as the risk of latex hypersensitivity is greatly reduced.

Reliable moisture control

HySolate Latex Dams create a dry operating field and infection control barrier, allowing you to work in a clean and moisture-free area, as you concentrate on treating the tooth. Minimise cross-contamination of the root canal system, with superior isolation while optimising patient comfort and improving your visibility.

Made from pure, natural rubber latex, you get strong retraction with a comprehensive choice of thickness, colour and size. You can opt for either 127mm x 127mm or 152mm x 152mm (5in x 5in or 6in x 6in). For a scented version, select the HySolate Fiesta Dental Dam.

Take bold leaps forward with HySolate Black Edition!

The flagship product of the range is the HySolate Black Edition for brilliantly upgraded workflows.

Its colour is a ‘true’ black, to help with visual contrast because you will see more detail on the treatment site. HySolate Black Edition is also ideal for taking better photographs, enabling superior record/note-taking and planning.

This dental dam also has the template pre-printed with the tooth position, therefore removing the step of marking it before punching. Offer shortened treatment times with no compromise to the outcome thanks to this smart feature. This is an innovation that is practical and intuitive, for comfortable and cost-effective endo that benefits your practice and your patients. 

As an alternative to the Black Edition, the light-coloured HySolate Latex Dam will naturally illuminate the operating field. The decision is yours!

Exceptional endo

HySolate Latex Dams are the latest addition to Coltene’s endo line for root canal treatments and retreatments. For conservative preps, Coltene offers Hyflex EDM and CM files. If you prefer a single file system, or the clinical situation demands it, the MicroMega One RECI has superior cutting performance, while supporting the delivery of minimally invasive, safe treatments. Or, why not try the CanalPro Jeni for autonomous digital navigation of the endo canal. A beep will signal time to irrigate, or when a file change is recommended. There are also irrigation solutions, obturation and sealing materials and everything else in between.

Coltene wants dentists to do more!

HySolate Dental Dams join other world-beating brands offered by Coltene, enabling dentists to do more, and help more patients comprehensively. The group includes popular names such as HyFlex, MicroMega, Affinis, OneCoat, SciCan and BioSonic. From endo to all restorative applications, general dentistry and infection control, Coltene has it covered.

Coltene only brings a product to the market when it is sure it will help dentists do things more efficiently, more conservatively and safely. Coltene believes ethical dentistry can be fast and great value – something patients want to invest in, to improve their oral health, general health and sense of wellbeing. It will never suggest you buy anything it feels you won’t need; Coltene’s approach also means streamlined stock and less waste.

Coltene’s team searches far and wide to find ideas and innovations that are user-friendly and actually work – something might look cutting-edge and impressive, but will it give you better results? And will it integrate seamlessly into what you do, and how you do it, every day? Quality does not have to mean complicated. Choose Coltene and you can be confident that it only wants the best for every dental professional, practice and patient.

That is Coltene’s mission – upgraded dentistry, which is simpler as well as better. Not only are Coltene’s products award-winning, but its customer service is second-to-none. Coltene has a knowledgeable and friendly team and who are just as good at listening as talking. That’s why dentists, specialists, dental nurses and practice managers around the world trust us to help them deliver successful treatment and a high level of care to their happy and satisfied patients.

For more information email info.uk@coltene.com, call 0800 254 5115 or visit www.coltene.com