Work smarter and not harder

22 February 2023

The orthodontic sector’s most advanced remote monitoring system, DentalMonitoring, is staging an Ortho Forum event in Bristol and encouraging Orthodontists from the West Country and Wales to join them on March 17 to explore ways to address the unique challenges faced by Orthodontic Specialists.

The aims of the event are to help delegates to:

  • Understand trends in the dental and orthodontic sectors
  • Learn how to make the orthodontic practice resilient in the face of future economic downturns
  • Understand how to remotely monitor orthodontic patients
  • Understand the importance of patient centricity

The keynote speaker Darsh Patel is an orthodontist and a director of SmartDontics, a specialist practice in Surbiton, Surrey. His passion is to work smarter and not harder, and with the use of DentalMonitoring technology and digital workflows he aims to provide a five-star service level with an emphasis on reducing clinical and travel time for the orthodontist and patient. These workflows and efficiencies have been initiated both for adult and adolescent patients being treated with conventional and hybrid braces used in cutting-edge orthodontic practices. He says “With the advent of remote monitoring and AI technology, I have seen a paradigm shift of what orthodontic care will look like in the future”.

Delegates will also be addressed by orthodontist, Helen Griffiths, of Taunton, Somerset-based Confident Orthodontics, who appreciates the challenges faced by practices like hers in the South West. She will be joined by her Orthodontic Therapist Cassie Haste who will explore ways to leverage the team to create the ‘ideal’ workflow and patient journey.  Helen says, “No one wants to add more appointments to their schedule, which is why Confident Orthodontics is so proud to be the first practice in Taunton to offer DentalMonitoring. Now, completing orthodontic treatment is easier than ever before…It has helped us to maintain good communication with our patients, which is key to a good relationship between them and us. Of course, it also helps us to monitor patient treatment progression - to pick things up that may not be going well or congratulate them when they’re maintaining really good oral hygiene. And patients love seeing the before and after videos and these encourage them to continue with their treatment because they can see their tooth repositioning taking place.”

Cassie added, “DentalMonitoring has helped us to be more efficient. We used to see our fixed appliance patients every six weeks, but we’ve now changed that to eight weeks, which has freed up our diaries. However, we’re still able to keep a check on them and if there are any problems in those eight weeks, we will still pick them up.”

“Our patient-practice relationships are also a little more efficient. Previously there were a lot more conversations and having to record notes… Now, Helen reviews cases before patients come in and I know when I go to the notes there will be a brilliant treatment plan on there for me to follow. I can also look at the scans themselves and if there’s anything I’m not sure of, I liaise with Helen.”

The clinical speakers will be joined by leadership coach and author Jamie Morley, who will address trends in orthodontics; suggest how DentalMonitoring can add value and help with the specific challenges orthodontists face. Jamie, who has almost 25 years of experience of leading business teams commented: “I have a passion for developing high performance leadership through facilitating people’s personal development.  At the DentalMonitoring event in Bristol, I will discuss upcoming trends in dentistry, and how Orthodontists can prepare for the direction the sector is heading.”

The event, being staged at The Bristol Observatory, will also give attendees the chance to have a practical overview of the DentalMonitoring platform, and have dinner and drinks whilst networking with their peers.

All attendees will receive a three-hour verified CPD certificate.

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