Your story is not just for Christmas

15 November 2018

For many brands, there are countless seasonal opportunities to market their services over the coming weeks, says digital marketer Shaz Memon.

Dental practices look to Christmas as a way of raising their profile, plugging teeth whitening, talking about the need to limit sugar intake or simply drawing attention to their guide to what to do in a dental emergency and so on.

However, opportunities for optimum patient engagement through effective dental marketing do not stop the moment the festivities are over; a marketing strategy should not be left to wilt alongside the Christmas tree or left abandoned with those perennial unwanted gifts.

In a plugged-in world, there are no end of occasions to tell your story or share the stories of those who place their trust in your business – and, whilst it is arguably a profitable move to ramp up marketing over the holidays, there is little point in all that activity if come January the last post in your social media schedule pre-dated you Christmas jumper-wearing celebrations on the 24th.

Stories are continuous, which means your brand and your team and the services they market and deliver, should combine over a period of time to continually raise the profile of your business long after the non-stop online ‘noise’ of short-term viral posts and general Christmas clickbait is over.

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