Dental Implants

Invest in your career, and it can pay you back

Fazeela Khan-Osborne considers how implant training can add value to your role.

Researchers develop game-changing implant technology

A team from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Dentistry, led by Takahiro Ogawa, has culminated a decade of dental implant research with the development of cutting-edge...

Training and education are key to the future

Fazeela Khan-Osborne explores the benefits of learning training in dental implants.

Supporting patients with fixed dental prostheses

Kimberley Lloyd considers the options available to clinicians.

Choose your own path

Fazeela Khan-Osborne looks at what it takes to become an implant dentist.

Working smarter, not harder

A look at how best to keep on top of your personal development.

Balancing speed and quality in implant dentistry

A look at how to improve patients' quality of life.

New perspectives on guided bone augmentation

BioHorizons Camlog is set to showcase its comprehensive portfolio of biomaterials and implant systems and will offer workshops on bone regeneration and open-healing concepts in modern implant...

Building confidence in dental implantology

A look at how to find a training course that ticks all the boxes.

The bold new world of zygomatic implants

A look at how to tackle some of the common complications.

College introduces lifetime fellowship

The College of General Dentistry (CGDent) has introduced Life Fellowship as a new type of membership for retired fellows.

Treatment of the atrophic maxilla

A look at the advantages offered by zygomatic implants.