The last bite (October)

I was fascinated to read that in a recent survey, 63 per cent of people questioned claimed being friends with their dentist influences their dental treatment in a very positive way.

The last bite (September)

The pandemic has changed a lot of things for a lot of us around the world, but an interesting trend noted in Australia is one that I have not as yet seen alluded to here in the UK. Apparently,...

Meet the expert: Lee Fletcher at Dental Elite

As one of the UK’s leading dental recruitment agencies, Dental Elite is proud to maintain an expert team that offers comprehensive support to both clients and candidates.

The last bite (August)

One of the most distressing, emerging effects of the pandemic is the confusion around mixed messages. Masks or no masks, self-isolation or out and about, quarantine or do as you please? But I can’t...

Don’t tell me – show me

Amanda Sheehan explores the role of educational demonstration tools.

Introducing dental therapy

Catherine Edney discusses the benefits offered to the practice.

Futureproof your practice

Fazeela Khan-Osborne explains the benefits of expanding your treatment list.

Conscious sedation in general dental practice

Ben Goode discusses the use of intravenous midazolam.

Dentistry in the spotlight

Uchenna Okoye shares some insight into her role as a dental expert on the TV programme 10 Years Younger.

Look into my eyes…

Sarah Bradbury discusses communication in the post-pandemic world.

Podcast Episode 1: Leadership

To kick off this new series of podcasts we are talking all about leadership with business coach and the founder of Engage the Team, Simon Gambold.

Supporting patients on the autism spectrum

Nik Sisodia discusses the special needs of patients.