Scottish dental group snaps up two top city practices

Two long-standing dental practices in prime Glasgow locations have become the latest acquisitions by a leading Scottish dentistry group.

Financial services award 2023

Wealthwide is delighted to announce that it has won a Gold Award at the 2023 Marketing Society Star Awards in the ‘Financial Services and Professional’ category.

‘The first of its kind’: Two dentists secure a £5.6m loan to acquire a London practice

A dental group with one of the largest NHS contracts in the country has been bought by two colleagues following seven-figure finance from Unity Trust Bank.

Dentists join £2b legal claim against energy firms

A dozen dental practices have joined a £2 billion legal claim aimed at getting compensation from UK energy giants who are alleged to have paid secret commissions to third-party brokers.

Leeway on record-breaking NHS underspends ‘won’t be enough for hundreds’ of practices, says association

The British Dental Association (BDA) has responded to news that NHS practices in England will be given some leeway from unprecedented underspends for the financial year 2022/23 that were set to take...

Selling for retirement – what you need to know

A look at planning for your financial future.

Dental plan provider experiences rapid growth

The most cost-effective major plan provider, Patient Plan Direct (PPD), is experiencing rapid growth thanks to its strong team, competitively priced services and favourable market conditions.

Patients are “struggling to afford treatment”

Data analysis has revealed a 37 per cent rise in dental claims in 2023.

Research suggests chewing more sugar-free gum could save the NHS over £50m a year

A new report commissioned by the Wrigley Oral Healthcare Programme has found that rolling out three preventative oral health interventions could reduce unnecessary trips to the dentist, saving...

Association says “savage cuts” could have an “irreversible” impact on dentistry in Northern Ireland

The British Dental Association (BDA) Northern Ireland has responded to analysis by the Department of Health suggesting that cutting over £1/4 billion can be achieved without damage to services.

Another increase to interest rates

Luke Moore explains what it means for dentistry.