General Health

Sugar substitutes linked to increased risk of heart attack and stroke

A Cleveland Clinic study has linked Xylitol, a common zero-calorie sweetener found in sugar-free candy and toothpaste, to an increased risk of cardiovascular events like heart attack and stroke.

Ultra-processed food and cancer risk

Philip Silver looks at research into the long-term effects of diet.

Thirty-seven million children worldwide use tobacco, estimates report

The World Health Organization (WHO) and STOP, a global tobacco industry watchdog, have released the results of their analysis of global youth nicotine addiction.

Poll shows every parliamentary constituency backs phasing out tobacco

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) has published a modelling analysis by YouGov, which demonstrated majority support for phasing out the sale of tobacco in every constituency in England, Scotland and...

Practice holds fundraiser for children with cancer

A Norwich dental practice has announced it plans to hold a fundraising event to support children with cancer.

Wales reveals its research priorities

Public Health Wales (PHW) has announced that it will focus its research on six priority areas, coincident with the long-term ‘Research and Evaluation strategy’ it launched in 2023. 

Government will miss key levelling up targets on health inequalities, study warns

Research from City University London suggests that the government will miss key health inequalities targets, which are a cornerstone of its levelling up agenda.

Youth vaping has plateaued while adult vaping is at an all-time high, figures reveal

Action on Smoking and Health’s (ASH) annual surveys of young people and adults have found that 11 per cent of British adults vape, up from nine per cent in 2023.

The cost of smoking is up to at least £21.8bn

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) has published calculations by Landman Economics, which shows the estimated cost of smoking has increased from £17bn to £21.8bn, a rise of 25 per cent.

Miscarriage leave should be granted to dental professionals, says association

In an open letter to NHS England, the British Dental Association (BDA) has called for the miscarriage framework to be extended to dental professionals.

The long-term effects of sleep apnoea  

Justin Smith considers the treatment options.

Decline in cigarettes smoked per day in England is stalling

A decade-long decline in the number of cigarettes a smoker has per day has stalled, with some people actually smoking more, according to a study by University College London (UCL) researchers.