General Health

The vegetarian dilemma

A look at how a meat-free diet can be challenging for oral health

Sweet dreams are made of this

Paul Reaney explains why quality sleep is pivotal to physical and psychological welfare.

Market-leading health benefits for frontline employees

Bupa has launched MyHealthcare, a new market-leading health benefits proposition for UK frontline employees, providing world-class medical support.

The effect of oral health on HIV

For people living with HIV, gum disease and tooth decay can cause severe problems and may impact the effectiveness of treatments to keep the virus at bay.

Could cannabis use, oral bacteria and brain function be linked?

Wei Jiang, a professor of Microbiology and Immunology at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), has focused her research on discerning how cannabis smoking affects oral health and alters...

Oral bacteria and brain abscesses linked

A study led by researchers from the University of Plymouth and University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust has investigated the link between brain abscesses and oral bacteria.

Mental health vs physical health – what’s more important?

Mahmood Mawjee suggests taking a holistic view of your health to reach your goals.

Mouth Cancer Action Month: NHS update

November marks the annual Mouth Cancer Action Month, the most extensive campaign for mouth cancer awareness. The latest NHS update from Ali Sparke, director for dentistry, community pharmacy and...

Tried and tested health diagnostics

After successfully supplying and training over 150 UK pharmacies to deliver health diagnostics, Goodbody Clinic is rolling out its comprehensive blood testing solution to dental practices.  The...

Domestic abuse in dentistry

The College of General Dentistry (CGDent) is working to raise awareness of the safeguarding role of dental professionals in response to signs of domestic abuse, and to support information-gathering on...

Dentists forced to prescribe unnecessary antibiotics for toothache in pandemic

The Covid-19 restrictions preventing dentists in England from providing face-to-face treatment required some to unnecessarily prescribe antibiotics for dental pain, a study by University of Manchester...

Female dental professionals must be supported through menopause  

Female dentists and dental care professionals (DCPs) should be well supported through menopause and perimenopause to ensure we retain passionate and skilled clinicians in the workforce for as long as...