New Technology

Professor collaborates with health technology company to tackle oral bacteria 

Professor Iain Chapple will work with Sigrid to identify and develop further applications for a technology that limits oral bacteria’s access to sugars. 

Going digital in dental implantology

Cemal Ucer discusses using technology to boost efficiency and accuracy.

Researchers develop AI smart manufacturing for dental crowns

University of Hong Kong (HKU) researchers have developed a novel smart manufacturing method for dental crowns by using generative artificial intelligence (AI) that leverage dental manufacturing...

Combatting misdiagnosis

A look at using artificial intelligence as a second opinion.

Students design a prototype for remote robotic dentistry

Robotic surgery has been an important tool in medicine for a number of years, but in dentistry, robots have not yet seen widespread use. One team of biomedical engineering students at South Dakota...

‘Smart tooth’ uses oral health markers to monitor chronic disease

A French dental surgeon has predicted that within two years, a ‘smart tooth’ will be available to monitor health.

Dental equipment that destroys viruses

To meet the evolving disinfection and decontamination needs of dental professionals since the pandemic, a team of Lithuanian researchers have developed three innovative new pieces of equipment.

Occlusal analysis in the digital era

Stephen Claffey discusses the future of digital workflows.

Using AI algorithms to streamline orthodontic care

Dr Madhur Upadhyay and his collaborators have invented an artificial intelligence tool to assist clinicians in determining the next steps for patients’ orthodontic care.  

Boosting morale

Hannah Burrow looks at how incorporating technology can benefit a practice.

Skills academy opens in Perth

Clyde Munro, Scotland’s leading dental group, has officially opened its state-of-the-art Advanced Dentistry and Clinical Skills Centre in Perth, in partnership with Dentsply Sirona, the world’s...