New Technology

New material invented to replace extracted human teeth for dental research

Extracted human teeth have long been used in conducting dental research, such as evaluating dental ceramic materials as a crown restoration on tooth. It is an inexpensive and straightforward process...

ChatBot and lead-tracking system significantly increased turnover 

Taking too long to respond to new enquiries results in dental practices losing as many as 60 per cent of leads. Or worse still, not even replying to leads due to endless spreadsheets, emails and...

Locum platform launches

Tech startup Locumloop has launched an industry-first - a fully integrated online locum platform. Many practices are facing huge recruitment issues with the mass exodus of dental nurses. Practices are...

LED screens used to soothe anxious patients

Going to the Witney dental clinic has been made a lot more relaxing following the addition of special LED ceiling screens that show either a soothing static image of the sky or can play a choice of...

The digital patient experience

Chris Barrow explains how you and your team should handle the revolution.

Digital innovation

Hannah Burrow explores how technology can improve the way practices work.

What can we expect from the future?

Michael Sultan considers the impact that nanodentistry could have.

Advancement in micro-robotics may improve endodontic treatments

Developments in microrobots and nanotechnology could be used in endodontics to access  “difficult-to-reach root canal surfaces, disrupt biofilm, retrieve samples for diagnosis and even deliver drugs”,...

£60 million venture capital fund for healthcare innovation

Leading UK health solutions provider, Simplyhealth, announced on November 14, 2022, the launch of its venture capital fund, ‘Simplyhealth Ventures’.

Brushing your teeth is not enough

A breakthrough study shows that eliminating the bacteria contained in dental plaque should be as vital a part of dental hygiene as brushing your teeth and flossing.  

New probe for early gum disease diagnosis

Researchers from the University of Birmingham are developing a new probe to detect gum disease. The technology is hoped to be crucial in detecting early-stage heart or lung disease, type 2 diabetes...

Healthcare technology firm announces senior management appointments

Leading healthcare technology firm, Agilio Software, has announced Neil Laycock as its new chief executive officer and Andy Sloan as its new dental managing director, to support the continued growth...