Again and again...

14 April 2021

The pandemic and the measures put in place to fight it tore up many of life’s norms, leading many to question whether society will ever return to how it was before. Yet, one of the great paradoxes is that for many people this extreme change to the way they live has actually been characterised by monotony. For those on furlough without a regular work routine, it felt like every day was the same thing again and again. The inability to venture out and see different things, socialise with different people and enjoy a variety of experiences was, for many, just boring.

For large periods there wasn’t even variety offered by the news cycle, with covid coverage smothering the life out of any other story as it dominated the airwaves and front pages. It is perhaps another paradox that, at a certain point, more ‘focus’ on an issue actually makes it less likely that people will pay attention. When we think we have seen something before, isn’t it perfectly natural we don’t pay as much attention?

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