Growing trust

09 October 2020
3 min read

Michael Sultan discusses the ways dental practices can build patient confidence.

Building trust between professionals and patients is the way to truly succeed in dentistry. After all, this bond between professional and patient is something that impacts many aspects of how we provide care, and can make a considerable difference to how our patients view us and the services we provide.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s likely that some patients will be experiencing trust issues concerning visiting the dentist and the safety of doing so. As such, it’s important for professionals to examine the role of trust in their practices and to try to build this all-important connection with patients both old and new.

Why is trust so important?

You definitely wouldn’t visit a garage you don’t trust with your car, so why would patients visit a dentist they don’t trust with their health? The very foundation of trust is being able to make a patient feel safe, secure and like they are receiving the very best treatment in your practice, otherwise they are likely to not visit at all and look elsewhere.

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