It's not 2020!

07 January 2021
3 min read

Thank God it isn’t 2020! That was, I am sure, the feeling of most of us as January began. Last year saw us battle with a global pandemic, restrictions on basic freedoms, a looming economic depression and the end to the Brexit transition period.

But as we enter 2021 it seems that there are, possibly, some reasons to be positive. A covid vaccination programme is being rolled out which should enable a return to normality both socially and economically, and with the negotiations over Brexit finalised it means that there is some certainty politically. (Or at least that is the expectation at the time of writing; given so many previous deadlines have been ignored there is no guarantee!)

Looking more globally, many people are pointing to the inauguration of a new president in the US as a turn around in the world’s fortunes, following the chaos of Trump’s time in office. (Again, this is only an expectation at the time of writing, the legal challenges continue!)

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