New multi-disciplinary webinar series

20 October 2022

In partnership with Denplan, Oral-B, Oral Health Foundation, Septodont and Wrights, Dental Update has launched a new series of webinars.

Coinciding with Mouth Cancer Action Month, the series aims to raise awareness of mouth cancer and encourages everyone to be vigilant about changes in their mouths.

The programme is multi-disciplinary and covers a wide variety of topics.

The first webinar in the series from Professor Mike Lewis, ‘Mouth cancer: What’s new in 2022?’, considers the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on cancer referrals.

Mike’s lecture will present an interactive approach to the recognition of head and neck malignancy, including diagnostic aids. In addition, risk factors and their prevention in primary care will be discussed.    

Other webinars in the series include:

  • ‘Predictability in anterior aesthetic implants’ with Colin Campbell
  • ‘The endodontic management of perforations’ with Kreena Patel
  • ‘Vital pulp therapy –an update on the latest clinical protocols’ with Josette Camilleri
  • ‘Perio: What works, what doesn’t work and what the future may hold’ with Ian Dunn
  • ‘Management and rehabilitation of head and neck cancer patients’ with Abdulrahman Elmougy
  • ‘A major campaign to promote prevention and reposition dental practices away from being a repair shop’ with Dr Nigel Carter OBE

Louis Mackenzie, head dental officer at Denplan said, “Since the dark days of 2020’s total lockdown of the UK’s general dental practices, the profession continues to fight to clear the backlog of patients attending with higher levels of more serious oral diseases.

“These evening webinars will return for a brand-new 2022 series, designed to coincide with November’s Mouth Cancer Action month, of which Denplan has been the principal sponsor for over 20 years.

“For the sixth webinar series, Denplan would also like to thank our long-term partners Wrights-Cottrell for joining the collaboration to help support and sponsor this completely free lecture programme.

“The 2022 clinical conference will feature lectures from some of the most popular presenters from the previous five webinar series, combined with new lecturers presenting on some of the most exciting topics in contemporary clinical dentistry.

“The line-up of nationally and internationally renowned experts will cover a wide range of clinical CPD subjects.”

Signing up couldn't be easier

  1. Choose from a variety of topics – topics are focused on oral health and mouth cancer.
  2. The registration process takes just a minute. There’s nothing to install or set up, simply register and fill out your details.
  3. Experience learning the virtual way with verifiable CPD, which you can download after the live webinar by clicking the 'Show my Scores' button.

To register visit: The Clinical Conference 2022 (