The last bite

03 October 2014
2 min read
Volume 30 · Issue 1

Apparently domestic use of hydrogen peroxide may be restricted in order to combat terrorism, as the chemical has been found in home-made explosives.

In plans published by the Home Office other common household chemicals used as herbicides could also be banned along with nitromethane, which is used as a fuel in model aeroplanes. Retailers could also face restrictions on the sale of chemicals including nail varnish remover and types of drain cleaner. The plans are in response to EU regulations published last year which aim to restrict the availability of substances which have potential in DIY bomb making.

Of course we should take such threats seriously but while none of us wants to be blown up I can’t help feeling that if we are not any longer able to have a white smile then the terrorists have definitely won.

Pink in demand

Meanwhile in another EU coup, a famous ‘pink’ toothpaste has been temporarily removed from the shelves while it undergoes reformulation. Euthymol has been taken away due to European Cosmetics Regulations, according to the manufacturers, but it has started a stampede from loyal users to try and amass stockpiles for the interim siege.

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